Outsourcing to India: The Strategic Choice for Business Growth

Outsourcing to India: The Strategic Choice for Business Growth

20 ianuarie 2022
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outsourcing to india

This company was among the earliest computer companies to outsource customer service and technical support calls to India. This is due to the following customer complaints about the quality of service. The number of companies that outsource to India increased over the years. Some key reasons have pushed the industry further – government policies, infrastructures, and a large population.

  • However, India’s communication problems have long been inflicting its BPO industry.
  • This firm has more than 16 years of experience as a leading Call Center Outsourcing company.
  • Under the BOT model, you collaborate with a development partner from India to help you build and run an offshore software development team in India.
  • They might need a full team of developers at one time and just a single person at the other.

Another aspect is the time zone difference, particularly pronounced if you’re based in the US, requiring work schedule adjustments and effective coordination. Occasionally, power interruptions at an offshoring company can lead to unforeseen halts. This can spiral into larger delays, disrupting project timelines and management. You can consider it a simple process, an operation where jobs and tasks that would usually be done by your employees, are done by someone else outside the company, through a vendor management system. Once you’re more familiar with the service provider, you can collaborate more effectively to achieve the desired outcomes.

Vast talent pool

There are a lot of job boards, recruitment agencies, and staffing agencies that can help in sourcing suitable profiles in bulk. If you are looking for a partner that can do most of the heavy lifting for you, which includes sourcing, vetting, and matchmaking, you should go for tech-based hiring platforms. Compared to Western nations, India’s lower labor costs enable you to hire competent professionals at a fraction of the cost. In India, the cost of recruiting skilled professionals such as software developers, engineers, customer service representatives, and accountants is significantly less than in many Western nations. This allows you to save a substantial amount on salaries and benefits while retaining access to a large talent pool.

outsourcing to india

You can outsource software development projects to India without worrying about communication issues with your offshore software development team. There began a process of painful effort to navigate the sometimes hostile environment of business in India. In late 1999 Telegenisys Inc. (the company I represented) opened its own office in India in partnership with some Indian executives. Ltd. and it continues to serve as the primary subcontractor for software development and service support for Telegenisys Inc. With a helpful administration and good planning, Hyderabad has continued to attract international money.

Advantages of Outsourcing KPO to India

In fact, most smaller businesses these days are taking advantage of outsourcing software development to India, along with many other tasks. Software development companies in India that offer web, mobile single step income statement and product development services have state-of-the-art development centers armed with the latest technologies. Some foreign businesses did not allow the work-from-home setup for security reasons.

  • And it’s not just because of the growing competition or the evolving technology.
  • The number of companies that outsource to India increased over the years.
  • Moreover, they are even experts at using worldwide common collaboration tools such as Slack to ensure seamless communication.
  • It has invested over $150 million to expand its technology development enterprise in India.
  • The global outsourcing market is worth $92.5 billion and will only continue to grow as more companies realize the benefits of outsourcing.

One of the benefits of using Magento as your shopping cart platform is Acelerar can also offer you end-to-end support with data entry services. After hiring candidates Premium help train their team members as per the industry standards. However, call centers and customer support centers aren’t the only places where talent lies in India.

The Top 5 Advantages of Outsourcing to India

About 45% of companies that outsource IT functions state that their IT outsourcing initiatives are intended to save money. About 46% of respondents say that outsourcing gives them access to talents that are unavailable in-house. Maxima Consulting is a people-centric company with a proven history of delivering outstanding results to clients from various parts of the world. We come from the United States, but our European and Indian offices are well-established by now, making business partnerships and day-to-day communication as easy as it gets. You can see what we’re best at and who we work with, or just contact us to talk about particular needs of your business. For these reasons, it may be a good idea to partner up with a company with offices in your home country and at least several years of experience in business and recruitment in India.

outsourcing to india

But they can also process various types of data and are skilled in data conversion too. The data entry experts have 10+ years of experience in handling data from different industries. The Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) paradigm is a strategic outsourcing approach in which the service provider builds and manages an IT team for a specific project or function of the client. You have the option, after a predetermined period, to “Transfer” the team to their organization, maintaining the experienced team and expertise acquired during your partnership. Continuous learning and specialization have given India domain-specific expertise. Professionals are involved in their industries, improving their talents and remaining current.

Customer support services

Have a look and see why the latter option is a win-win situation for companies of all sizes. Thus, no wonder why worldwide technology giants like Google and Microsoft have their research and development (R&D) centers in India. Companies ranging from enterprise-level to young startups are outsourcing to India due to the easy availability of skilled resources. One of the primary reasons why companies prefer to outsource to Indian companies is because of the availability of a large and varied pool of skilled talent. Another model of offshoring is when a company joins hands with a third-party offshore company. The offshoring company provides the infrastructure, support and offshore resources/teams that directly work with the client.

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