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How To Uninstall Nvidia Drivers from Windows

How To Uninstall Nvidia Drivers from Windows

4 decembrie 2022
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We won’t recommend anything we wouldn’t use ourselves. Right-click on the device to be updated and select Update Driver Software. So be diligent but not overly enthusiastic about updating your drivers.

  • How-To How to Find Your Windows 11 Product Key If you need to transfer your Windows 11 product key or just need it to do a clean install of the OS,…
  • If you like it’s a lot of work you can Look into the following method.
  • Much like installing or uninstalling a new program, it is possible that the graphics driver installation can get stuck on a particular process.
  • Its best to download the driver from the manufacturer or use their driver manager software if you actually want to stay up to date.

After that, restart your PC, and all the updated drivers will be installed on your PC, fixing any graphics woes or Bluetooth not working issue in Windows 11. Press “Windows + I” to open the Settings app and select “Windows Update” from the left pane. While the new driver is installing, it is very common for the screen to turn black and re-appear. This may change the size of any windows you have open, but this is normal until installation is complete.

There are Windows Store versions of these apps, but it’s probably better to get it straight from the source. You will also need to reboot your PC at least once during the process. You can technically ignore that, but a reboot download is recommended to be safe. When the computer restarts, Windows will find the device and reinstall the latest driver. To reinstall a driver, first uninstall the existing driver and then restart your computer.

How to get rid of NVIDIA Settings?

Right-Click on your AMD GPU name and select Uninstall Device. But if you can’t get your hands on the Software, you can follow the other methods as well. Right Click on The Nvidia GeForce Driver and select Uninstall Device. If you’re already using any program already, then feel free to share with us in the comments. At last, reboot your computer to apply the changes.

The help information may contain instructions which apply to your specific situation. Unfortunately I can’t give you a direct link to the utility anymore because the morons at ATI decided to prevent links into their support site. You’ll just have to navigate their labarynthine website on your own. Start here and click the „Customer Care” link at the top of the page. If a drop-down menu appears when you move the mouse over „Customer Care” then just ignore it and click „Customer Care” at the top. Type „catalyst maintenance utilities” into the search box in the upper left part of the window and then click the „GO” button.


Click on Browse to find the location of the downloaded driver file. In DriverFix, you can click on the driver and get the name of your current driver. Then you can locate the device in Device Manager using this name. To do that, you need to go to the location which you have extract the files to, find the installer file and click on it. You can use windows file extractor tool or use other extractor tools. In Windows 10, version 1909 and earlier, Windows installs the highest-ranking driver from Windows Update, regardless of whether it is classified as Automatic or Manual.

You can enter your email address to get the download link and coupon code. If you want to buy the software, please click store. Empty the Trash to nuke NVIDIA Driver leftovers. If you encounter a prompt “in use and cannot be deleted”, restart Mac and try to re-empty the Trash.

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