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Free Online Courses, Lessons & Practice

Free Online Courses, Lessons & Practice

3 mai 2022
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Some IT professionals get into the field without ever getting a formal degree, but they may still take online courses to learn new programs and refine their skills. Many online IT courses are self-directed, so you can learn at your own pace, while benefiting from a structured lesson plan. The median annual wage for computer network architects is $120,520, according to the BLS in May 2021.

online it courses

You can access free courses with a free certificate on HubSpot Academy and Google Skillshop. Most online course providers, such as Coursera and edX, charge for a certificate, but it varies by individual course. Learning a new language is always a worthwhile investment, especially if you’re a global marketer or salesperson. This basic strongish course by the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia will help you establish a foundation for further learning. Adobe Illustrator is one of the best tools you can use for your graphic design projects. In this course by EduOnix, you’’ll learn how to master Adobe Illustrator with real world examples.


Most of the courses on our list don’t require you to have any prior IT experience, but some working knowledge of the industry may help. Learn about the development of 2D and 3D interactive games in this hands-on course, as you explore the design of games such as Super Mario Bros., Pokémon, Angry Birds, and more. As a mission-driven organization, we’re relentlessly pursuing our vision of a world where every learner can access education to unlock their potential, without the barriers of cost or location.

You’ll learn to segment your user base and optimize email deliverability rates. Everything you need to know to crush it in IT – from tech and industry trends to careers advice and study hacks. This course is best for IT professionals who want to take the CLEP ISCA exam and pursue more advanced opportunities in the IT industry. This course is perfect for learners who want to take the CLEP Information Systems and Computer Applications exam and work in the IT industry.

Top Online IT Courses

Plus, the more you invest in your learning, the better you’ll grow. We hope you found the online business courses you need for the next step in your career — whether you’re looking for a promotion or a sidestep into an entirely new field. More and more employers are opening their hiring doors to candidates from non-traditional backgrounds — indeed, for most roles, a bachelor’s degree isn’t essential.

online it courses

Understand how to stand out in the crowd, attract customers, and build support for initiatives within your company. Plus, the most important art in sales is knowing how to get a „yes.” This course teaches this, as well as methods to improve efficiency as a salesperson. Once you complete this initial certification, you can then dive into more specific topics such as sales enablement and management training. In fact, according to Josh Kaufman, international bestselling author of The Personal MBA, it takes 20 hours to go from knowing nothing about a particular subject to being pretty good at it.


You’ll learn about user interface design and the roles on a software project team. As with the previous two courses on our list, this is offered by UPValenciaX, and you can take it as a standalone class or as part of a 5-course series. Enrollment is free, and a verified certificate of completion is available for an extra $75. The curriculum is based on material from the CLEP Information Systems and Computer Applications exam.

What are the best courses for future?

  1. Business. A business degree focuses on the different factors of running a business, including business management, marketing, accounting and human resources.
  2. Marketing.
  3. Computer science.
  4. Public relations.
  5. Psychology.
  6. Nursing.
  7. Accounting.
  8. Biology.

This will also help every individual understand what the corporate is looking at, what are the catering needs, and what suits them the best. After enrolling in Great Learning Academy, one can refer to the live sessions whenever possible since they are saved on the Learning Management System (LMS). All the free courses are self-paced; one can complete them at their convenience.

Nano Tips for Using ChatGPT for Business with Rachel Woods

The courses are guided by mentors on a 12-week timeline, and you will take proctored midterm and final exams via the Online Proctor Service (OPS). Through our growing list of online course offerings, which are accessible around the globe, individuals can gain the skills they need to advance their careers. Rigorous, hands-on programs to help you switch or launch your career. Earn a university credential, work with dedicated career counselors, and gain access to career resources throughout your professional life. All online programs allow you to collaborate with peers and faculty while exploring your passions and developing in-demand skills. Created by world-renowned experts and top universities, these programs provide a deep understanding of exciting and in-demand fields.

The process commonly involves creating a website using coding languages such as HTML, JavaScript, or SQL and then testing the usability of its layout, functions, and navigation. Projected to see a 23%increase from 2021 to 2031, the field of web development is growing much faster than the average occupation. Web developers also handle a site’s technical aspects, like speed and capacity (how much traffic it can handle).

Systematic Approaches to Policy Design

If you leverage the wealth of online courses at your disposal, you can build a breadth of work that would rival that of any other candidates. It will not only help your resume stand out, but it will ensure you’re adequately prepared to complete tasks at your desired role. Not only that, but getting an online certificate takes effort and consistency — two key attributes that will make you desirable to any employer. We recommend you check out each provider’s full catalog to learn which courses are available for free. Getting Started with French 1 will teach you the basic phrases you need to interact with others in a French-speaking environment. We highly recommend taking all of the courses in this series as a precursor for more advanced language study.

An introduction to the intellectual enterprises of computer science and the art of programming. Learning on edX transforms how you think and what you can do, and translates directly into the real world—immediately apply your new capabilities in the context of your job. Updates to your application and enrollment status will be shown on your Dashboard.

You’ll also learn how to tell the difference between front-end and back-end problems. Exercises include designing a database and building a simple if/then game to help you get into the mindset of a programmer. This course is priced at $13.99.Once you finish it and pass the quiz, you can request a certificate from the instructor. This course is provided by UPValenciaX and backed by the Universitat Politecnica de Valencia in Spain. It’s delivered in English with an English transcript, and can be taken at your own pace on your own time.

online it courses

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